I have an older car in storage that I’ve been saving to restore. I don’t have time so I’d like you to do some of the more difficult work for me. Can you do a partial restoration?
Absolutely, we do it all the time.

I saw a car in a magazine that is my ultimate dream car – can you build that car for me?
Yes, if you can bring us the chassis and the body we’ll be off to a good start. However, we have done miracles with less.

I have my first car from high school still and I’d like to make it a daily driver for my 16 year old. Can you make it safe and reliable for him?
Yes, we sure can. We’ll go through the vehicle making sure we advise you on everything we find and let you decide how much of it you want to restore.

Do you have experience with complete body off restorations?
Yes, we do and they are beautiful.

I’d like to surprise a family member with the restoration of their old car for their birthday. Can you keep it a secret from them even though they come in your shop all the time?
Of course we can. We’re good at keeping secrets and then we have a big party for the unveiling of it for them!