Looking Forward to a Fast 2013!

Well…my name is Kenny Bumbera. The girls are telling me social media helps the business so they have me on a keyboard writing a blog for y’all. I will try my best to sit down when the girls remind me so I can tell y’all what is going on around the shop, like projects, shenanigans, and how God is helping our business every day. I don’t mind it at the moment since it is 20 below outside and sleeting.

We are starting out the New Year with a bang! There are lots of big projects going on right now. Among those we are putting a Hemi into a 1969 Roadrunner – see ya later big block! The customer has given us a deadline of January 11, 2013…that’s right only 9 days out! Looks like I will be burning the midnight oil on this job. Gas Monkeys eat your heart out! We are looking forward to them being able to show the car in the upcoming West Houston Muscle Blast to the Past car show on January 12, 2013 at Caliber Collision. This car show is one of the largest in the Houston area and we enjoy having a big display every year-last year my 1969 Duster was a hit! My kids make fun of it but it’s a mean green machine with an in-line 6. Can’t wait to pick Boyd up in carpool at Faith West Academy in this baby! You see they have a tunnel there and I can’t wait to scare the carpool Moms. Anyway…I better get outside, the guys are telling me the compressor has gone out – till next time.

Genesis 26:12 “There was a famine in the land…Then Isaac sowed in that land (in spite of famine), and reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed him. The man began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous.” NOTE – Who in their right mind would sow seed in a time of famine? A man who understands his covenant and knows His God that’s who! If you want to walk in the hundredfold, seek to develop hundredfold faith that isn’t moved by the circumstances of the natural realm. When times get tough, the devil says: “hold back on your giving, keep it for yourself; you would be a fool to tithe or give during these tough times.” But the one who moves in hundredfold faith knows that the truth blessing comes from sowing continually, they aren’t moved by tough times. I always say: When in need plant a seed – don’t eat your seed you’ll starve!

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