Life is a race!

Where’s that part? Did they have to make it? What’s taking so long? It seems like a never ending battle here when it comes to finding and getting parts for old restorations and hot rods. Most people read in the Jegs catalog “direct bolt on”, well after 30+ years of experience I have figured out that no one ever makes a “direct bolt on” part. There is always some kind of fabrication or massaging that needs to be done.

The shop is full of restorations and hot rods this week! I‘m looking forward to finishing up an Olds 442 and a ‘69 Chevelle next. I’m correcting one of the nightmare restorations I was talking about a few weeks ago. The shop it was at didn’t fulfill the customer’s dream but we’re fixing everything so he can turn the key, drive it, and have some fun! The Chevelle just returned back from paint and re-assembly is about to begin. It will be a super slick street ride!! And believe it or not the customer has owned it since NEW. He bought it off the show room floor. I am also getting a flash back to the “old days” – will be working on a Panterra next. I took my wife on a date in one in the ‘80’s, first time she ever went 140 mph (and that was just getting on the freeway).

The race shop is the busiest it’s been in a while! With Boyd kicking butt on the dirt track and the girls finding a track in Austin that will race their class of cars we are turnin’ and burnin’. Crew Chief Dave is busy and if I had to guess I’m sure there is a little bribery going on to see whose car he works on first! (I taught them everything they know!)

Stay tuned for our pro mod street car that will be showing up toward the end of this week. We are fixing some wiring issues and getting it ready to tear up the streets. Someone warn the Katy PD!

And by the way – I am still looking for that one mechanic that shares our passion to make cars fun. Send your resumes to Kenny@bumberas.com.

A good verse that I keep thinking of this week is: 1 Corinthians 9:24 – Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

Kristin has this on the back of every one of her racecars. It makes me stop and think throughout the week when it feels like we are in the middle of a race, we need to remember our focus is on God. We can’t get caught up in all the craziness that life throws at us.

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