Life Changing Announcement

Three years ago when we found our new building in Katy which would facilitate our shop for the coming years I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous to move out of the “big city”. I had grown up in the Bellaire area and my shop had been in the Memorial/West Houston area for about 20 years. For us to pick up shop and move out west was a little scary, but God has proven that if you trust in him he will fulfill your wildest dreams. We closed for only one day, April Fool’s Day, and moved our entire operation. The first day of business in Katy was overwhelming and we realized we might need to consider expanding. With 52 cars dropped off for some sort of repair or service that first day we knew we had made the right choice moving to Katy. Since that day 2 years ago I have been introduced to the heart-warming, kind people of Katy and learned much of the great history of the town. Unfortunately we have been unable to discover any pictures or real history on our building. The Lopez family made it a very well-known feed store and tried to fill us in on the building’s past the best they could. It would be interesting to know what the building was like and used for in comparison to the vintage, hot rod, high performance shop it is now. If anyone has pictures or stories please send them my way – kenny@bumberas.com.

Aside from that, we have been rockin’ and rollin’ keeping up with all the work. We have hired a few new guns in the fabrication and auto repair departments to help even out the work load. They are doing great and I can’t wait to see at least one empty parking spot on our lot! Kristin will be racing her third race of the season on June 1st, Kendall’s modified is in its final stages getting ready to race, and little Boyd Man will be racing this weekend at Cotton Bowl Speedway on the dirt. They sure do keep me busy with their different schedules! Which brings me to my announcement (drum roll please) – as a family we have decided to close the shop on Saturdays from now on. We made this decision because life is short and people need to enjoy their families. Over the past 40+ years of my life I could count on one hand how many Saturdays I have been able to take off and I am looking forward to enjoying my family and 2 year old grandson. I am excited for our employees as well, they have earned it. Don’t worry, you can still find me here Monday – Friday from 7am – 5:30pm thrashing hard as usual to get your projects done.

The verse I picked for this week is my personal favorite. Philippians 4:6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

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