I love my job!

Last week was Spring Break and it was definitely not a break for us around here! With all the college students in town and kids out of school we were swamped with general auto repair all week long.

Boyd had his second race on Saturday and unfortunately got initiated to dirt track stock car racing. The car ended up having more damage than we thought and he had to retire for the night. I guess asphalt racing has spoiled me a little because I’m not used to pressure washing a racecar before I can work on it. This week we’ll be pulling the motor and straightening the frame for him as well as swapping motors in Kristin & Kendall’s racecars.
But first on the agenda this week is the 856 inch Camaro. It has been moved to the surface plate where we are going to make some serious changes to the chassis and motor placement so it can run on the street. We finished up the 442 restoration and made another customer happy. The 1965 Corvette frame- off restoration is complete! The owner got to drive it Saturday to see the bluebonnets and loved it.

I got to meet with 3 new customers to discuss restoration work last week. They have very prosperous businesses – car dealer, lawyer, and engineering firm. They all said they would trade their day jobs to come work in my “Candy Store”. I was reminded of my mother telling me, “If you find a job doing something you love it won’t be work. You will have a happy life.” She was right.

I feel so blessed because I can come to work and see my family every day, we have so much work and I get to look at all these beautiful rides.

When you have a job you love, a 20 hr work day is nothing – it’s fun. Thank you for letting me be a part of making your dreams come true and for giving me the chance to work on special things like this. I am so close to it every day that I don’t often see it.

1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

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