How Many Foot Pounds of Torque Do You Have?

Hey guys this is Kristin! Dad has handed the blog over to me this week. He has been extremely busy with some new circumstances recently. He had foot surgery Friday, June 13th to resolve some pain and issues he was experiencing. His Achilles tendon and big toe had to get a little tune up. If any of you all know my Dad and how devoted he is to the shop and his customer’s vehicles you will not be surprised when I tell you he was back to work the Tuesday after his surgery. He now is sporting an awesome scooter (medical term being “rolling knee walker” – but we just call it his scooter). Most customers who are calling don’t even know he had surgery and think he is absolutely crazy for being back to work for them and their cars!

He wanted me to tell you about some new things going on around the shop, so I am going to try and narrow it down to a few! We’ve expanded our capability to tune older Mustangs, new vehicles and everything in between. We know that it was difficult for owners of OBD1 cars, fox body mustangs for example, to find places that would tune their hotrods. Well your next stop should be 6103 Highway Blvd in Katy because Bumbera’s is now capable! Our tuning department has been re-vamped and updated. The guys are really excited about all of the new opportunities this brings us. Another exciting thing going on around the shop is the orange challenger with a Hemi has come to life and is approaching the final stages of its project. The smile on our customers faces are all we need to keep us going on projects like this! The other day a Camaro came in and to be honest I wasn’t really sure it was a Camaro by the looks of it. It had half of a cage, was missing body panels and the ones that were there were all different colors. If you have checked our Facebook lately you have seen this beauty and the back half that we are putting together for that hot rod. Dad said it will be an 8 second Camaro soon so stay tuned for that update!!

Since Dad can’t exactly walk much less drive, our racing schedule has been put on hold. Boyd’s racecar is getting some setup adjustments and will be ready to hit the dirt track as soon as Dad can hop in the truck and motor down the road. My new chassis should be arriving in the next few weeks and we will be getting it ready to attend some races soon. (Oh yeah, Mom, I’m getting a new chassis, meant to tell you that) Maybe I can convince him to travel somewhere fun to race – make it a vacation and race all in one! Sounds good to me!

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James 1:12 – “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”


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