How long is the flight to England again?!?

Summer is here and the shop is hot hot hot! But there’s work to be done. We’ve started a lot of new projects like a Vega for a long time friend of mine, Lupe Tortilla’s owner, Stan Holt. We’re putting a roll cage in a Bronco, a rebuilt front end on a 1970 Ford Mustang, and that’s only in the first couple of bays!

I also got a call the other day from England!!! The gentleman on the other end said he had heard I was the man for carburetor tuning and overhauls and would like to fly me over to Lincoln, England to tune his Cobra kit car! I’m not going to lie – my jaw dropped! He wants ME to do WHAT???? Fly to England to tune his car? I have arrived! Kristin’s boxing up all my tools I’ll need to ship over this week. I am so honored that someone would request me to come tune their car especially all the way “across the pond”.

Our new guys in the back have proven to be very valuable in the fabrication and restoration side of things. We are knocking roll cages and aluminum boats out faster than I can turn around! Ya….I said aluminum boats…they usually don’t let me work at the front counter because they say I will work on anything that comes through the door. While the guys were out to lunch one day I took in an aluminum boat for a buddy that needed some patch jobs. You should have seen their eyes when that one got dropped off!!!

Boyd finished 6th in his race this weekend. He’s learning that he needs to have patience and to teach a 15-year-old patience in a racecar during his 3rd race ever in a full size car has proven to be difficult. That ride at Disney World comes to mind, “The Runaway Train”. Kristin’s next race is June 29th at Central Texas Speedway. We are hoping to have Kendall’s car ready by then but are unsure how the scheduling will work out. Don’t worry Kendall – it’s not a middle child thing, you WILL race again! During Kristin’s last race she was running in the top 5 and while trying to avoid a wreck with the leaders she got a right rear flat. She was forced to pit and lost positions but ended up coming home with an 8th place finish. Currently in the top 5 of the points standings, she told me the other day, “No one is going to stop my come back tour!” I guess after not racing for about 2 years you can have one of those…??? That is one thing about my kids that I admire, their drive and determination to do the best, and when they get flats or run out of patience and get a DNF they maintain their composure and go after them next time.

Be sure to pick up a copy of this month’s Absolutely Katy Magazine – you might see some guy and his kid’s on the front cover you recognize! They surprised me by doing a cover story for their Father’s Day Issue as Katy’s Father of the Year! They say they are lucky to have me as their Dad, but I’m lucky to have them as my kids.

Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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