I’m back from England and getting caught up around the shop. I crossed a couple of things off of my bucket list while I was over there. I drove a right-hand-drive Land Rover for a pretty cool off-road experience at Rockingham Castle. Man, I was amazed at the things those vehicles will do. Now climbing and descending a steep cliff is nothing we would use them for around here but the experience was awesome. What I really went for was to tune a Cobra and I left her purring like a kitten. There was a group at the pub each night who first spoke of challenging us to a race at a nearby air strip. Once we got the car running and the owner, Mick, took it out for a spin all bets were off. It seems word quickly got around the village that the good-ole-boys from Texas were brought in and the Audi’s disappeared. I got to watch a road race at Cadwell Park, a very interesting place with unusual race vehicles.

Now back to reality and the work load that I left behind. I’m putting the final touches on wiring a ’69 Camaro and installing air conditioning on a ’55 Clipper – a beautiful big ole’ car. Next I’m installing a blower on a 2013 Mustang. In my spare time we’re completing the build of Kendall’s brand new Pro-Modified racecar for her first race with it August 24th at Central Texas Speedway. Boyd’s racecar is getting ready to go to Cotton Bowl Speedway this weekend for another night of excitement with this crazy 15-year-old behind the wheel. Ya’ never know how his race will go, we call him “The Runaway Train.” Last weekend Kristin started 7th and finished 7th in what was a hot and frustrating weekend at the track. But I’m not complaining about the heat – at least we have air conditioning in Texas. 760 people died while I was in England because of 95* heat and no a/c. Those poor chaps just aren’t used to it.

I’m thankful to be home for many reasons and it’s true you don’t know how good you have it until you don’t. Returning home to my modern shop along with all of the conveniences of the US such as ice in my drinks and Coca-Cola are pretty important, but nothing compares to my family and friends and familiar surroundings. Life is Good. Cherrio!

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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