Burning the Candle at Both Ends!

Has it almost been two months since the last blog?!? Holy smokes we have gotten a lot done at the shop in these last few weeks. We have completed the orange Camaro that has an 854 cubic inch motor, and let me tell you that’s a whole new meaning of BAD FAST! It’s a street car so we had to make sure it was street worthy of course! That was a fun day. We also completed a road course viper with a full cage. The customer said it was “a work of art.”
What a compliment. I enjoy when a customer takes time out of their day to let me know they are impressed with the hard work we do day in and day out.

I’ve not only been busy here at the shop but when I get off work I have been helping my wife get her new boutique up and running. Sassafras boutique is the newest shop to hit downtown Sealy! In case you haven’t seen Bentley or Kristin around the shop, it’s because their time has been split helping Cheri and I both keep everything running. Kristin tells me they should be back at the shop more regularly since Bentley is now commenting how cute the clothes are in the boutique….can’t be having any of that!

To top it all off we have a race coming up May 31st for Kristin and Boyd in Kyle, TX. Let the countdown begin!

Oh…almost forgot to mention…we had a 1930 Bonnie & Clyde car come in on the hook today – another garage find! I love getting those calls because we are just as excited as the customer!

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