Big News Around Here!

Spring – our favorite time of year when everyone opens their garages again and discovers that diamond in the rough hidden underneath the Christmas decorations and dust. The shop is overflowing with cars needing everything from oil changes to full restorations. I’m really excited about some of the projects we have going on. Today we delivered a 2005 Thunderbird with a custom roll cage. A 1951 Mercury got power steering and power brakes and we tuned a 2013 5.0 Mustang with a stage 3 system (and it’s only 3 o’clock!).

Many of you might have heard the big news in Katy this week. Kristin signed a new sponsorship from Katy’s own No Label Brewing Company for the May 4th race at Central Texas Speedway in Kyle, TX. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a hometown organization for the upcoming race. Look for the #00 NO LABEL BREWERY FORD FUSION on display at the brewery soon! This past weekend was the season opener and after qualifying 5th, we managed to bring home a 2nd place trophy! What a great start to the season for the guys and Kristin. I never thought I’d say this but we might have given her a little too much horsepower. We were struggling with ways to get the power to the ground all weekend. You can’t have the perfect storm – either tires or horsepower is how it works! This week we are going to change the motor and drop down the horsepower a little. It should be better in the long run for her.

We are still looking for that mechanic that can help us with the hot rods and classic cars. If you know of anyone that might fit the mold email us their resume to kenny@bumberas.com.

The verse that I picked for this weeks is Proverbs 16:11 – Honest scales and balances belong to the LORD; all the weights in the bag are of his making.

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